Flu Shot Clinics

Flu shot clinics are held annually.

Ask your pharmacy team members for details.

White Cross Dispensary 2020 Flu Shot Clinics

In order to keep our staff and our patients safe during Covid and in order to maintain the same level of service from our prescription counter we have made important changes in the way that we will provide flu shots this year. Covid screening, extra disinfection and social distancing are going to lengthen the time between appointments. It was understood that the patients who received their flu shot from us last year would likely be in this year for the same service. In order to plan ahead and reduce overcrowding in the pharmacy, these patients were contacted in early September to confirm their intentions. At the same time, patients inquiring about flu shots in early September were added to a waiting list. Within days, we had reach the maximum number of appointments we can safely deliver during the months of October and November. Yes this means we are full and no longer taking names.

Providing flu shots by appointment is the safest way to ensure social distancing and reduce overcrowding within a pharmacy. Ottawa Public Health has also moved to an appointment based service for the same reason. Their closest location to us is Landsdown park. I encourage you to visit their website for all available locations and book your appointment as soon as possible. https://www.ottawapublichealth.ca/en/public-health-topics/influenza-flu.aspx?utm_source=OPH&utm_medium=Friendly_URL&utm_campaign=Flu#clinics

The actual flu shot season will be launched by the Ministry of Health on Oct 19th, 2020. There are 2 vaccines available to seniors this year, a quadrivalent (regular) and a HD trivalent (high dose). The Ministry of Health of Ontario will only be providing pharmacies with a very small number of high dose vaccines. If the high dose option is important to you, we recommend that you contact your physician as they will have a greater supply. If you are a healthy senior, please ask for the regular vaccine and don’t delay vaccination waiting for the other option.

To those who have been contacted by us already, we have started receiving our supply and we have started to book actual dates and times. The supply will be arriving in small increments and we will be contacting you in due time. Please be patient you will not be forgotten. Keep in mind that the majority of you were vaccinated in November last year. When you come in, we will be taking your temperature and we will appreciate that you wear a short sleeve shirt. To all of our other patients that would have liked to have been on our list we offer our sincere apologies. This year is an exceptional year with exceptional challenges and we are doing the best we can with what we have to keep everyone safe.