Top 10 frequently asked questions




YES! Simply speak to one of our front shop team member and we will do our best to help you find what you are looking for. Our selection is sometimes limited by the physical space available on the shelf so if we carry a line a product it is easy for us to special order your selection.

We carry many unique organic and natural brands and enjoy bringing in new environmentally friendly products.
Follow the eStore link at the top of our website and you find what you are looking for.
You will need to be given a user name and password by one of our dispensary team members. The next time you pick up your prescription, simply ask our dispensary staff to provide you with your specific user information. With this login information, you will be able to access your medication profile from your desktop (at our website) or your mobile device (using our app).
It is very easy to change pharmacy. You simply need to provide us with your information and we will call the other pharmacy for the transfer. Canadian prescriptions are valid in any Canadian pharmacy.